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In recent years, Myanmar has been propelled into the world economic spotlight. An increase in trade, coupled with foreign investment has resulted in many new job opportunities with both local and international companies.


Amid the bustle it's imperative that we don't overlook the vital role that human capital plays in facilitating growth and prosperity.

This calls for proactive efforts to raise and maintain the highest standards of Human Resource management nationally. The Myanmar Employer Awards provides a platform for companies that are investing time, energy and resources into achieving best practice to share their experience, gain recognition and inspire others.

To create awareness among local and international employers, government bodies and the community as a whole - of the importance of people management through
effective HR practices.
To encourage employers to continuously engage in creative and proactive efforts to improve their people management practices.
To facilitate transfer of valuable knowledge pertinent to effective HR practices and initiatives across all industries and organisations.
To stimulate and elevate new standards and the overall competence of the human resource community in Myanmar.
To establish a benchmark of excellence in HR practices in Myanmar.
To act as a job search guide for all professionals currently in pursuit of employment opportunities.
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